Message Of Chairman

Our company which has started its way with the principle that human is the most important source, has been continuing its growth in a stable way without compromising honesty and truthfulness in line with the understanding of a clamped family together with all its employees, and increasing its technical competence and capacity with each new project included in the company. While our company flourishes with strong steps towards becoming the best of the sector with its technical team, modern working areas, and modern machine park broadening each day, it has been successful in delivering many important projects would should be finished in very short time before the due date and gained the appreciation of the related institutions.

Our company with years of modern, honest, honorable, successful and sustainable experience has reached these days with strong steps, and it is important to emphasize that we have completely satisfied the institutions, organization and persons for whom we have done works. Our main principles have been these which are also the primary factors in our strong position for now, as well as bringing innovations and technology in the sector that is required by this age.

Our aim is to carry our company which was founded to serve regionally in 1986 and today has become the flashing star of the sector by completing important works all over our country to the third millennium on strong bases.
I would like to extend my gratitude to the institutions and organizations which have allowed us to realize these projects with their trust, as well as all of our employees who have brought us to these days.

Metin İlci
Chairman of the Executive Board