Our company, which has been maintaining its work in the construction sector both domestic and internationally, has been the 460th  largest company in Turkey in 2009.
Moreover, it was rewarded by our Esteemed Prime Minister in 2009, on account on its great contribution to employment.

Construction of the 5th and 6th longest water conveyance tunnels, Şanlıurfa Suruç Tunnel and Konya Mavi Tunnel, which are built using the TBM( Tunnel Boring Machine) technology, is being carried out by İLCİ İnşaat Ind. and Trade Co.

Despite of being in an important position within the country, with the employment it provides and taxes it pays, as a conclusion of giving weight to international contracts it also has been providing the country with high  foreign currency.

Our company, which has been active in numerous fields of construction sector such as; Dam, İrrigation, Tunnel, Railway, Highway, Residential Estates, Health Structures, has gained appreciation from all related administrations regarding the works it has performed.