About Us

Having started operation in 1986 in construction sector, İLCİ CONSTRUCTION has continued its rapid growth during this time, and has sustained its works in line with the seriousness of the responsibility it has during the restructuring process of our country as one of the reliable and respectful companies of the construction sector.

Our company was founded as İLCİ CONSTRUCTION KOLL.  in Muş in 1986 as a family company, and acquired the title of joint stock company in 1995 in parallel with its rapid growth in the sector.  During this time, our company has reached a more comprehensive structure with the developments it has shown in different fields of construction sector, and has become a company group including eight companies within its structure, five of which are joint stock companies.

Starting its operation with building construction works, our company has been realizing projects most of which are huge water works, providing both economic gains and a great rate of employment in our country.

Besides creating employment opportunities, İLCİ CONSTRUCTION also contributes to our country’s economy with the taxes it has been paying. Our company which is continuing to develop its business volume increasingly has been successful in realizing many different projects ranging from irrigation structures to dam constructions, building constructions, urban infrastructure constructions, road constructions and industrial structures.